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Master Kush Strain Review

The Master Kush strain is a classic; it was developed in the early nineties in Amsterdam. The origins of this strain are from two parents from three different regions in the world, and those are the Hindu Kush and Skunk#1. It was called High Rise

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White Walker Kush Review

White Walker. The name is very well known for Game of Thrones fans, but the strain is not based on the HBO mega show. The White Walker Kush brings together two impressive strains. The Original White Widow a cut from Ingemar’s mother room, with the

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Girl Scout Cookie Review: Thin Mint Strain

Girl Scout Cookie strain from the “Cookie Family” is one of the most popular strains in America. The Cookie Family are from Northern California the San Francisco area. The group is a collective of a bunch of growers that created the strains such as Cherry

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Jack Herer Review: The One You Want Read

When you become an Emperor, sometimes you get a marijuana strain created just for you. That’s what Ben Dronkers from Sensi Seeds did to honor and pay tribute to his friend Jack Herer back in 1994 at the Cannabis Castle. ​ ​ ​Imagine your very

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Azure Haze Strain Review

The Azure Haze strain created by the son of legend DJ Short from Old World Genetics . JD Short has made another mass producer and easy growing strain the same as his father. DJ Short created one of the most famous strains in the United

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Black Widow Strain Review

The Black Widow strain that comes from Mr. Nice Seeds is a chameleon. It has the same parent strains as the famous White Widow. Originating from Greenhouse seeds under the breeder know as Shantibaba As noted on the Mr. Nice Seed bank page when describing

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Blue Dream Strain: One Dreamy Review

Blue Dream a legendary west coast strain from Santa Cruz California. A breeder since the 1970’s that goes by the name of DJ Short is the creator of this strain. It is a cross between a Blueberry Indica F5 and a Mr.Nice Super Silver Haze.

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White Widow Strain : An In Depth Review

The famous White Widow strain. The origin surrounded in mystery and some controversy. White Widow was made public in 1994 from GreenHouse Seeds. Which then won first place at the BIO Cup(High Times Cannabis Cup) in 1995. The history of the White Widow marijuana plant

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