I started Sensi Garden to be a resource for not only myself but anyone else who either would like to grow medical marijuana or recreational marijuana.

Because truthfully there is tons of information out there, loads of it all over the place.

I wanted a place where it was all there organized and easy to find, instead of trying to find it spread out all over the internet.

So if you want some things done right, you have to grow it yourself.

I have a medical condition that I have a prescription for medical marijuana in my country.

Marijuana has not only improved the quality but has also saved my life.

Follow my journey to the fantastic world of growing cannabis.

And discover the art of growing awesome dank marijuana.​

The healing herb.

Please note: This website does not endorse breaking the law, so please review your laws in your various states, province or country if you wish to grow marijuana legally.

This site is intended for anyone over the age of 18.