The Best Way to Use General Hydroponics Flora Series to Grow Cannabis!

If you’re just getting started growing cannabis, the General hydroponics flora series is a great place to start.

It’s easy to use with solid results every time.

The best part is that it’s inexpensive to purchase compared to the newer line of nutrients on the market.

The gh flora trio nutrient line has been around forever.

I do know of some growers who have been growing with general hydroponics flora trio for over 30 years.

 They have been using this stuff since they started.

The growers use it and trust it and grow some really killer herb, and their herb smokes nice.

I asked what their trick was for using Flora?

Each one had a secret recipe somewhat similar which I will share with you later.

Most importantly is they all said the same thing to flush your plants properly.

Even NASA used this stuff to grow vegetables and in their experiments.

Around 2014 Scotts Miracle-Gro buys General Hydroponics, which means GH brand products will be available everywhere soon enough. Sourced from Forbes.

In this how to, we will look at the general hydroponics 3 in 1 nutrient line to check out the benefits and the best way to use the flora series when growing cannabis.

Compare it with how the general hydroponics recommends using their product for general indoor garden use.

Best practices for flushing when using this nutrient line.

What’s in the General hydroponics flora series?

Here are the three different type of nutrients in the line.

Each one is for the various stages of growth they all play a part in the complete package of the GH flora series.

This nutrient line is made up of synthetic nutrients which include:

Flora Micro

FloraMicro is the foundation to the whole flora series.

It’s the one that provides the essential micronutrients required for your cannabis plants.

These are the building block on which the plant will grow.

Flora micro delivers nitrogen and calcium with potassium to your plants along with trace minerals such as zinc, iron, manganese, boron.

With being ph balanced this is a breeze when combined with water.

The N-P-K value is 5-0-1

Flora Gro

The FloraGro is the one that starts to have all the N-P-K values incorporated into the nutrient.

Gro helps to promote the vegetative phase and the development of the structure of the plant.

Floragro has the perfect combination to provide to your plants when having rapid growth in the veg stage of growth.

The N-P-K value is 2-1-6

Flora Bloom

The FloraBloom will be the one to stimulate the flowers or buds on your cannabis plants.

It provides potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium along with sulfur to your growing plants.

FloraBloom will also enhance flavor and terpene development during the flowering stage.

The N-P-K value is 0-5-4

Benefits of using the GH 3 in 1:

There are many benefits to using the general hydroponics flora they are:

Complete package, it’s all there no messing with a million containers this can be used the whole way through the grow.

Perfect for beginner simple and easy to use.

Instead of investing in hundreds of dollars in nutrient, hey can pay a low price for this line of nutrients.

Availability,  One bonus to GH trio that it’s available almost anywhere from Home Depot to the grow store, and even on Amazon, it is readily available.

Plus,they are less expensive than your average nutrient on the market for synthetic nutrients. 

How to use the GH flora series

Here is the general hydroponics flora series feeding schedule for growing cannabis:

Recirculating Program

Great for flood tables and DWC.

Clones and seedlings:- 2.5ml/gal of all three parts of the Flora Series

Veg stage – 5ml/gal FloraMicro, 10 ml/gal FloraGro and 5ml/gal FloraBloom

Early Flowering – 7.5ml/gal FloraMicro, 7.5ml/gal FloraGro and 10-12.5ml/gal FloraBloom

Peak flowering – 10ml/gal FloraMicro, 5ml/gal FloraGro and 15ml/gal FloraBloom.

Flush – 2.5ml/gal of each part for three days, then FloraKleen if growing in coco coir or soil perlite mix.Follow up by plain RO water or de-chlorinated water w/ one tsp/gal (2.5ml) of molasses if you so desire

Drain to waste program

Great for Coco coir or soil with perlite.

This one involves either coco coir or soil with preferably a perlite mixture, and there is also soil with coco coir as well now.

Clones and seedlings:- ​2 ml/gal of FloraMicro, 1 ml/gal FloraGro, 1 ml/gal FloraBloom

Veg stage – ​4ml/gal Flora Micro, 5 ml/gal Floragro, and 1ml/gal FloraBloom

Early Flowering – ​4ml/gal FloraMicro, 3ml/gal FloraGro and 5ml/gal FloraBloom 

Peak flowering – ​3ml/gal FloraMicro, 1 ml/gal FloraGro and 8ml/gal FloraBloom

Flush – ​2.5ml/gal of each part for three days, then FloraKleen if growing in coco coir or soil perlite mix​.Follow up by plain RO water or de-chlorinated water w/ one tsp/gal (2.5ml) of molasses if you so desire

How to use General Hydroponics flora series for vegetables and fruit:

General Hydroponics recommends utilizing the flora series for growing vegetables and fruit.

You will notice a slight difference is what they would like and to the Cannabis Program above.

GH Recirculating Program

Great for flood tables and DWC.

  • Clones and seedlings – 2.5ml/gal of all three parts
  • Veg state – 10ml/gal FloraMicro, 10 ml/gal FloraGro and 5ml/gal FloraBloom
  • Early Flowering – 7.5ml/gal FloraMicro, 2.5ml/gal FloraGro and 10-12.5ml/gal FloraBloom
  • Peak flowering – 7.5ml/gal FloraMicro, and 15ml/gal FloraBloom.

GH Drain to waste program

This one involves either coco coir or soil with preferably a perlite mixture; there is also soil with coco coir as well now.

  • Clones and seedlings2 ml/gal of FloraMicro, 1 ml/gal FloraGro, 1 ml/gal FloraBloom
  • Veg state – 5ml/gal Flora Micro, 5 ml/gal Floragro, and 2.5ml/gal FloraBloom
  • Early Flowering – 4ml/gal FloraMicro, 1ml/gal FloraGro and 5ml/gal FloraBloom.
  • Peak flowering – 4ml/gal FloraMicro, and 8ml/gal FloraBloom.

For more detailed information, please check out the general hydroponics site for feeding charts.

Tips on use and storage:


Shake well.


Store In cool dark place


Add one nutrient at a time when filling reservoir, start with Micro → Grow → Bloom.


Rinse measuring cup after each addition of nutrient.


Flushing is one of the most critical steps in growing good cannabis.

Do you want to consume fertilizers in your marijuana?

I didn’t think so.

It also affects the burn and taste of your herb.

General Hydroponics has a product called FloraKleen.

This product is good at getting rid of salt buildup and removing nutrient build up or residue in your medium or table.

A little goes a long way.

One tsp per gallon.

Benefits :

  • Reduce salt build up
  • Flush solution
  • Safe for all mediums
  • Remove impurities
  • Lasts forever

For Hydroponics such as coco coir medium, it is suggested to use within the last two weeks of growing.

Then to use just RO water for the reminder feedings.

When using Hydroponic DWC or flood and drain or recirculation, you can go a week before with the Flora Kleen.

Try and achieve a 0 PPm at the final flush. By having close to 0 PPM, it will ensure a high-quality cannabis in the end.

It’s hard to do but get as close as you can.

For soil mediums suggest use is:

Start Last 2-3 weeks of flower depending on grow medium. For coco at least 2 weeks out and for soil 3 weeks out is recommended.

Use FloraKleen on week one as recommended on the bottle with R/O water (reverse osmosis) preferably 0 PPM, and flush heavy.

Then use water on next feeding only

After that use FloraKleen two more times a week apart flush heavy and water in between.

Try a strive for a 0 PPm at the final flush. By having close to 0 PPM, it will ensure a high-quality cannabis in the end.

It’s hard to do but get as close as you can. 

Final thoughts

Growing good cannabis with general hydroponics flora series can be achieved.

Flora is incredible if you’re just starting out or looking to save some money when growing.

Although this nutrient is synthetic, if you do flush correctly there should be nothing to worry about if you’re concerned with non-organic ingredients.

How do you use the gh flora series and your experience?

Did you have good result?

Let me know in the comments.

Grow in my friend

121 thoughts on “The Best Way to Use General Hydroponics Flora Series to Grow Cannabis!”

  1. Hi! Biobizz nutes and soil ex-user, switching to coco coir and mineral with some doubts.

    This is my new line up:
    Flora series (hard h2o, won’t need CalMag)
    Bio roots
    Diamond nectar
    Rhino skin (couldn’t find Armor Si)

    In what order to be mixed? So far I know this:
    Water > Rhino skin > Flora micro > gro > bloom, but what about Bio roots and Diamond nectar? In which position should they be added?

    • If adding Silica it goes first, shake/stir well, let sit for 1 hour as Silica takes time to dissolve. Cal-mag next If using it, shake/stir well. Then, [ or first If not using the above] Add micro, shake/stir well, add grow, shake/stir well, and last you add bloom. Shake/stir well. They just worded it weird. If not done this way the nutrients can precipitate out of solution and thus not available to the plant. If you ever see sediment on the bottom, some elements precipitated out of the solution and you might mix up a new batch.

    • What they mean is dont mix up all the nutrients in 1 container then add to water, fill your mixing container with water , then you add the micro stir, then add grow stir then bloom. Always start 1st with micro UNLESS using silica if using silica it is added 1st and given an hr to dissolve

  2. Hi. need some help with how to mix!!!! some one on one would be nice so i can get it right without everyone in put… because I am new to growing and want to get it right or have some guide lines to go by right now until i can come up with my own…. thank you and grow on!!!!

  3. When i mix everything up and add diamond nectar, rapid start, floralicious plus, cal mag, canna boost the ppm is around 1880. Does that seem right?

      • Hi, when growing in coco, how often should I be feeding and how much would each plant need if they are in 3L fabric pots? Thanks

        • When growing in coco feed the plants every day and get about 10-20 % run off out of the bottom of pots.

          As to how much they will need , it will vary in the grow they will eventually require more water/nutes as they get bigger.

          Hope this helps,

    • Put you cal mag then Micro, gro and bloom then the rest. If you use Silicon put it 1st. 1880 PPM is to hot will burn plants I try to stay around 12 to 1300 PPM with 600w HPS light.

  4. your should add armour ai first then your fluxic acids (diamond nector) or it will cause nutrient lock out then add calmag and leave this for 30 min to 1 hr before adding in order micro, grow,bloom and what ever else your using if you don’t do it in these steps the nutrients break each other down and the plant can’t uptake them and get locked out if you add them in this order and wait 30 min before adding the rest you will be fine enjoy

  5. I mixed 2.5ml of each micro, gro and bloom to 500ml of Ester just to get a rough idea where my ec is gonna be and it was through the roof at 4.9 hoe can this be ? And how to rectify it as that is the amount the label suggests on the back kind regards

    • This dude meant water. He mixed 2.5 ml of micro, grow and bloom into 500ml of water and got an EC of 4.

      Well no duh Enstein. I mix 2.5 ml of grow micro and bloom into 1.5 gallons and I get an ec of .8

      Not anywhere did anyone tell you to mix 7.5 ml of nutes Into 500ml of water. Of course its gonna be high.

      You have zero clue what your doing. You should learn basic common sense before you post silly things online.

  6. hi I am looking to start a auto outdoors in my green house for this summer would your flora nutrients still be okay to use on this type of set up.!

  7. If I understand correct first I have to add micro,then grow and then bloom nutes..Leave them at least 30min then add diamond nectar?

  8. so, I have understand the order of mixture ……. it’s on the bottle, by the way; minus the 30 minutes wait. Question: is there a preferential time to add the Cal-Mag plus? I am growing Auto’s, in Fox Farm super soil, three gallon fabric pots, using .05 tds filtered water, under VERY expensive L.E.D.’s, by the way.

  9. I see in your final flower stage is it possible to use a different ratio of micro to bloom other then 1 part micro(7.5ml) to 2 parts bloom(15ml)? Say something like 4ml micro to 18.5ml bloom

      • Can I use Terra flora micro in organic soil ? Or will it affect the beneficial microbes and trace elements in the soil as well as the buffering sequence organic soil provides.

        • I haven’t used canna nutes before so I cannot say if it will effect your organic soil. You should be able to but don’t quote me on that.

  10. Your saying use cal mag?? Isnt koolbloom same? An you also said just the trio is all you need? Sn if so does the expert feed chart contain additives that I shouldn’t need ( aka. A waste of my money?) an if not what order should I add the full expert nutrients to avoid problems. Im considering using the floro series on next grow been using ionic with decent results just wanna try something different. Thanks

    • Koolbloom is a bloom additive. Yes you may need cal mag to supplement. The method noted is just with the basic flora trio . If you want to use the other additives you can from GH . They have their benefits but if you want to save some cash, you can you the basic recommended method.

  11. i_use_peat moss80% with perlite20%



  12. I added Cal Mag, waited a few hours then added the flora series one at a time. I have two different sites indicating the amount of Diamond Nector to add and also schedules for phase feeding and weekly feeding. The phase feeding suggests adding 40ml of Diamond Nector once during veg and once during the switch to 12/12. I’m assuming that’s total amount and not per gallon. Also, Is it now too late to add armor si?

    • I have not used the diamond necta, it probably is total amount, you can add amor si in just make sure you add it first before all other nutrients. wait at least 5 minutes , then add cal mag ect..

  13. This grow I’ll be using Flora Trio the 1st time, switching from Advanced Nutrients and using the leftovers this grow. I also use pH neutral SuperThrive. Non-recirculating DWC, 4″ rockwool cubes.

    Nute list: GH Flora Trio, GH Floralicious Plus, Botanicare Hydroguard, and Advanced Nutrients: Sensi CalMag Xtra, Rhino Skin, B-52, Overdrive, Bud Candy, Flawless Finish.

    Please advise the order I should mix all of these. A BIG TIA to you!

    • I would start with the sensi cal mag ,then the gh flora trio. after all mixed i would add the rest in one by one. Good luck

  14. I have just started using this and am confused. After feeding, do I just leave the plants be….or do I have to rinse it out after a time? And how many times a week do I use it? I am just using the GH Flora Trio and nothing else, on 4 seedlings about 4 inches high.

  15. Hello just started my first grow and am using the gh trio. I was wondering how much cal mag should be used for each stage since I’m using ro water? I have general organics cal-mag 1-0-0.

  16. Just added floragro regimen as my outdoor crop started showing signs of nutrient deficiences.

    Read calmag can be added after mixing nutes if you are feeding immediately.

    Also – how often do you feed nutes compared to just reg ph’d water?

    • It’s best to add the cal mag at the start. You should try and feed nutes every water if your using perlite with the soil. You could try just water and then next time feed nutes. See how your plants respond .

  17. I plan on watering every other day. Can we use the 3 part system ever time we water. Will over fertilizing be harmful to cannibus?

    • Using flora 3 part is ok to do every time you water like in hydro or growing in coco. with soil you should still be able to just make sure your using a perlite blend like promix or with coco coir blend.

    • Hello….im a new at this…so if I sound weird please don’t mind….im growing 4 clones in my balcony and i have been using the flora trio…but in all the comments I see every body uses calMag and I never did…will that affect my plants? And I also i have been adding fresh nutrients and water everytime i water my plants…is that okay ? The reason I ask is cause all of you make the mixing in gallons and storage for the next times i dont….my ph is always between 6.or 6.5 ….so it doesn’t matter how much nutrients as long the ph of all together ( water and nuts) are between 6 and 6.5…thank you

      • Growing outside in soil you may not need cal mag,(but is doesn’t hurt if you want to add some) also adding new nutes every time you water is good. You should be fine.

  18. Hello Sensi garden.
    Should I use flora coco grow; bloom; ripen trio or Flora series micro; grow; bloom trio in my
    amended soil 70% coco/perlite 30% substrate?

  19. What is the best soil to use with the FLora series?
    do i need to add extra pearlite or coco to it?

    plants are in a mix of regular potting soil and coco right now about 70/30 as seedlings.. so my question is what soil will be best when i transplant

  20. New grower. Autos. GH Flora Series. I bought the “box” deal and it has the supplements in it. RapidStart, FloraBlend, Liquid KoolBloom, Floralicious Plus. I know Autos are sensitive to nutes and to go easy. Which supplement/supplements would benefit my cannabis? I keep reading to not use anything else because I am new but they are in the box for a reason. I also bought a small container of Flower fuel. Any info on when and what to use would be great. Thank you for you time.

    • Rapidstart is for rooting and good for seedling to mid veg stage, florablend is great in the veg stage , liquid koolbloom , is good for flower stage enhances bud development, ,floralicous is good for the whole grow. I would recommend doing half of what is recommended on the gh flora charts. I have not tried the supplements yet.

  21. Hi ,do you know if Plant Magics Magne-Cal + has a shelf life after it has been opened,I also have some opened 3/4 full bottles of the Flora series ,not sure how old they are either, no crystals or anything like that but would not want to harm the plants so thought I would ask..Cheers

    • If your nutrients have been stored properly such as no direct sunlight , in a dark area, cool they can last up to 5 years after being opened.

  22. I just started to use Flora Gro 2-1-6 for my plants in veg stage and cal mag i have one plant that has gnats in the soil so i used 3% peroxide 4 part water in my plant to try to get rid of them I have another plant that is in veg stage and the bottom of the leaves are dark brown and also in the middle also it has been 3 days now snice i watered them. Should i water them with the cal mag and flora Gro every time i water

  23. Is the expert recirculating flora series safe to use full strength for marijuana? If not what do you suggest? Can you add the order to add nutes.

    • Use the recirculating directions for cannabis the first one listed in the post. It gives the proper amount of nutes to use. Also add them by adding the micro , grow , bloom in that order. Remember to add and cal mag before the flora nutes.

  24. Hi I have the GHE soft water series,and was wondering how i would go along as i have a plant thats 3 weeks in flower and never fed her any nutes before now i have the flora and want to feed her some but dont know how to go along,shes in about a 50L pot and in soil and takes about 5L of water so how would i start her off with the nutes?

    • . You can try and start off with the early flowering maybe for a week then followed by peak flowering for a couple more weeks then go back to water for the last weeks
      Early Flowering – ​4ml/gal FloraMicro, 3ml/gal FloraGro and 5ml/gal FloraBloom

      Peak flowering – ​3ml/gal FloraMicro, 1 ml/gal FloraGro and 8ml/gal FloraBloom

  25. Hi,
    I have flora series + calmag.
    I would very much like to know if I pour the fertilizer into every watering too? Or how often should I use it?
    With best wishes

  26. Hey, I was wondering for how long should I pour Kleen solution if I grow in coco? And how do I pair it with pouring gallons of pure water until ppm in draining water is equal to the poured one?

    • Hi , From not checking my bottle , I believe it is 5ml per gallon of water. I use florakleen every 2-3 days for about 3 weeks of flushing. And in between just use regular RO water.
      Hope that helps.

  27. Can you use this on fruit trees like cherrys,peach,apples, apricot or also would they work for blueberry and grapes plants just wondering already have the flora series 3 part

  28. I am currently using Fox Farm (FF) Happy Frog for my plants. I was wondering if since it is an amended soil if I need to do a flush…I know you should technically but im seeing schools of thought that say if your soil is amended you don’t need to run a flush.

    • If your wondering if you should flush your plants at the end of their flowering stage. I would say yes it is a good thing to do it helps with the smoothness of your smoke and it burns better too.

  29. Hello there:I have switched from hydro to an outdoor soil garden.
    How can I best use the GH Flora nutes I have accumul;ated?

  30. If you use a happy frog, ocean, perlite mixture should you feed nutes with every watering? In 3 gallon pots atm upgrading to larger pots next cycle.

  31. This is my first grow with the gh flora series and I’ve been having trouble finding a good feed chart to reference. I’m using fox farm coco choir w/perlite, (micro,gro,bloom) along with rapid start in 5 gal fabric pots with tap water and ph testing to 6.0 after mixing nutes in correct order. I found a chart from another grower for mid veg to mix at 3-5 ml/gal calimagic, 2.25ml micro, 2.5ml gro, 1ml bloom. I’m experiencing deficiencies with purple/pink stems and also seeing tips burnt assuming it nutrient burn. Should I follow gh drain to waste program or the chart you have listed here?

  32. I would try the drain to waste on the page here. I would not use the drain to waste from genral hydroponices it is really heavy with nutes (one on page). You are using less than recommended on my chart I have at the top of post. With the exception of cali magic. You may have some nute burn going on or light butn? Hard to say. I would give it a good flush with ph water then add nutes next feed.It seems like you may need more magnesium( with the red stems) you want to maybe try and add some epsom salt with your nute formula currently using it may help. I start off at 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of epsom salts mix with nutes to try and go up to there Do go over a tbsp.. You should see some changes within a few days since your watering everyday in coco. So it is up to you if you want to try the method listed here. Good Luck

  33. Hello everyone I am getting ready to start my first ever grow using Hydroponics. My main question is what strength should I use my nutrients at? Or is there a chart I can reference to that is fairly accurate? I’ve been doing research and trying to figure everything out that I can but I just keep seeing standard feeding charts and I’ve seen people say they are a bit too strong. I will be using the GH Flora Series and Cal-Mag (all I have right now)
    My Current set up is the following
    -MarsHydro TSW 2000W light
    -36″x36″x72″ grow tent (3×3)
    -Four 5 gallon buckets
    -Hydroton Medium
    -6″ wide lip mesh bottom bucket lid
    -4″ 190 CFM Inline Duct fan w/ Carbon Filter

    Any advice or tips would be much appreciated! I’m super excited to start this grow and just want to make sure I’m on the right track and have a good idea of what I’m doing. Thanks!

    • I do not use Yucca root, so I cannot advise when to add. Possibly after you add cal mag , flora series. Maybe some one else can chime in for some other info.

  34. Hey man, on general hydroponics formal feeding schedule they include diamond nectar and a few other nutrients that aren’t listed here. Have you deemed those unnecessary?

    • You can us them if you wish , but the flora series is pretty solid on its own if your looking to save some cash. I always supplement with some cal-mag. and maybe a bloom booster in flower.

  35. Is it sufficient to use the Flora Series only, for good results in soil. Or do you recommend any additives, boosters etc from the GH product-line? Used to Canna products and consider doing at change to GH.

    • yes you can use the flora series only with good results, follow my guide for drain to waste, also you could add cal mag, and in flower kool bloom if you want.

  36. I like to know in which order should I add these nutrients:
    Flora Micro
    Flora Gro
    Flora Bloom
    Rapid Start
    Liquid kool Bloom“on 5th week“
    Floralicious Plus
    Armor Si
    Diamond Nectar
    Flora Blend
    Flora Nectar
    Dry Kool Bloom “last week“
    In what order should they be added?
    Thank you.

    • Rapid stat is only for seedlings. For plants Always start with silica( Armor Si), calimagic, Flora Micro, Flora Gro, Flora Bloom. Then go from there.

    • add in this order to prevent nutrient lockout.
      6.diamond nector
      7.dark energy
      8 wetting agent (if you use one)
      9. measure/adjust EC/ph and PPM
      10. rapid start (for roots if used)

  37. Hello, I am using a flood/ drain table, how is GH recommending adding nutrients to a lvl of 500ppm’s in a 20 gal resvoir tank. if I use 25 ml of flora grow, 10ml of bloom , 25 ml of micro and 50ml of cal mag. how do you know which one to add and in what measurement to bring absorbed nutrients from 200-300ppm’s back to 500ppm’s after a 24 hour period?

  38. Hello I have been use GH 3 part using the formula provided by Grow Weed Easy but often get nitrogen toxicity (in some strains) at start of week 3. Any advice. Thankyou.

  39. On my last grow, I switched from Fox Farms to GH right at the beginning of flower.
    The impact was immediate.
    The tops got so heavy the stalks couldn’t support them and the plants flopped over.
    I had to stake them to keep them upright.

    On my next grow (my current crop) I started with GH and I’ve got the best roots ever (I also added a cooling method to the roots of my DWC).

    Also this is the first grow I’ve done where the plants are sucking up the entire nutrient solution between solution changes (every 7 days) while in the Veg. stage.

    I’ve come close to plants taking up all the solution in Flower stage before but never 100% of the solution and never in Veg.

    You can put me down as a GH fan and a fan of your custom formula for GH.

  40. I’m a little confused because on the chart its showing 3 more weeks of nutes then florakleen.This is my first grow so I’m really not even sure what I’m doing or if the buds are ready or not. Is there a way to know this by looking at them. I’m not having a big aroma coming from my room either. I had a mite problem also,which I’m pretty sure their gone with the green cleaner.I thought this was going to be an easy thing but I’m finding out it’s a lot harder than one would think. Thanks for the info!!

    • If your just on week 9 of your total grow then you do not need flora kleen yet. Not for a while. maybe week 8 of flower. The chart listed in the post is for growing vegetables from the manufacture general hydroponics as a reference compared to using it for cannabis. The method you should be following is at the start of the post. Use flora kleen in the last 2 week of flower if using soil or coco, 1 week if using pure hydroponics. It is hard to tell when your start out growing when they are ready. Make sure most of the hairs have turned orange . and you can use a microscope to check the trichomes to see if they are ready. check out this post.
      Hope this helps.

  41. Trying to save money on my soil for my cannibis plants. Any suggestions on what kind of dirt I should buy and what needs to be added to it for the best outcome?

  42. I have my grow room set to turn on at 9pm and turn off at 9am. I want to change it to the other way around. Is it better to leave them on for 24 hours or off?

  43. Listen I’m new to this. Stated my first row about 4 months ago. I was told by SME from the company I bought the tent from, and from another article I read online. Grow, micro, bloom.

    My plants I believe have been doing well, in fact waiting for some amber hair trichomes to appear to begin the flush.

    It wasn’t until the bloom phase that the fan leaves began to look like they had potassium deficiency, where the leaves were drying out, so we backed the nutes down. The burning stopped, so I began to walk the nutes back up.

    Here is where I’m about to cry. I’ve started a new grow. In fact I just emptied 10 5 gallon buckets, and repeated the same cycle. Grow, micro, bloom.

    My question is this, how bad is it to do it in that order? Could that be the cause of the burn on the three?

    This article calls for 2.5 of each for 3 days in DWC, then regular water. Is regular for just one day?

    I’d appreciate some help/advice. Spent four months being a helicopter parent on these first three, and would hate to lost or my new batch.

    • are you referring to the flushing when the plants are finished flowering? if so 2.5ml/gal of each part for three days, then FloraKleen. YOu can use ro water with the florakleen and then just plain ro water for the rest of the flush.


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