Carson Micro Mini 20x Review: Tested For The Cannabis Grower

Have you ever received a cannabis clone that turned out to have powdery mildew or tiny bugs?

It sucks when you realize days or weeks later, and it starts to infect the rest of your marijuana plants.

You may be in luck the Carson micro mini is a new pocket microscope from the brand Carson the Optic company. 

Its portable fits on a keychain and could be handy the next time you need to inspect your plants quickly.

The Carson micro mini microscope has a basic zoom of 20x. It also comes equipped with a UV light.

The UV can make it easier to spot mildew residue or tiny insect on a clone or leaf of your plants.

Is the Carson micro mini to be used by a cannabis grower?

The Carson micro mini is more tailored toward recreational use.

Such as if you want to have a handy microscope in your pocket when needed.

The cannabis grower could use this for stuff mentioned above like powdery mildew or for mites and thrips, tiny insects, trichome formation.

But this will not work on russet mites they are too small. You require a more significant magnification such as 60-120 x zoom. 



  • LED flashlight bright/dim
  • UV Light Zoom to 20X
  • Portable
  • Compact

What we like:

The UV light is handy to have when looking at clones or plants in the dark to check if there is any powdery mildew on your cannabis plants.

It does this by highlighting the invisible residue to the naked eye.

Please, note we found the UV light should be used in the dark for best results.

Portability of the microscope on a keychain.

Zoom feature to look at clone leaves or regular plants for small insects, trichomes even though it is 20 x it can work in a pinch.

Build is nice and sturdy


What we don’t like:

Lack of magnification, you are unable to get an in-depth view of the trichomes on your marijuana plants.

You can see the trichomes at a distance and can barely make out the head for the trichomes.

Our tester noted

When using the microscope, I was able to see the trichomes, but the appearance was very tiny, the heads are visible like tiny dots. 

It’s still better than looking at camera zoom if you have ever tried that before.

Check out the video of general use.

If you’re looking for a microscope for your next harvest. Check out the Carson MicroBrite Plus 60x-120x it’s better suited for this. You will be able to see the trichomes big and clear.


Final Thoughts

The Carson micro mini can be handy when on the go and in need of a quick inspection of cannabis plants.

The light features are nice to have especially the UV light.

The scope is pretty durable and not cheaply made. If you have some extra money to spend you may find this useful. 

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