The Best Grow Light Mover for the Grow Room or Tent!

A grow light mover is great if you’re looking to increase light penetration without getting an additional light.

There are many other benefits to having a grow light mover such as healthier plants or better spacing of branches.

There are various models out there, and they are covered herein this review.

What to look for when buying a light rail or circle rail and the benefits.

We also go over the questions some growers have asked like do they increase the yield? 

What to look for in a light mover

When you’re looking at light movers the things you should look for are:

How many pieces of the track?

Tracks are great but if you have one that is just one length this might be an issue with the range of your grow space.

Can you adjust the track?

Some manufacturers allow you to manually change the track they also sell extra tracks as well increase your length.

A time delay is essential to have even light on all sides of the growing space.

Motor speed.

Some types of grow room light movers have different types of speed on which they move.

You can also adjust them as well, or they have only one rate.

How versatile they are.

It’s nice to have an option to where you can either hang it in the grow room or a grow tent.

Some other things to consider.

Recommended 1000 watt bulbs.

You can use a lower wattage depending on your space, but usually, 1000 watts is where you get your best Potential from your cannabis plants.

Not a replacement for one light instead of two. Need proper lighting for the required area.


Benefits a grow light mover

  • Fewer hot spots on your cannabis plants
  • Removes shadows in the foliage of your plants
  • Increase of nodes and flower bud’s potential
  • Able to have light closer to your marijuana plants
  • The increase in yield with more budding spots
  • When using a netting-like scrog helps keeps plants healthy
  • Promotes even growth

Different type of light movers

There is various type of light movers out there some on rail or track, and some are a circular track.

The track based movers come in various lengths and abilities like being able to hold multiple lights.

Or to be able to change their track by adjusting the size using DIY.

The circular light movers can hold up to four lights with reflectors.

By moving in a circular, it keeps the light tight and focused in all areas.

Best Grow Light Movers

Here are the best grow light movers on the market today, most are made up of the rail technology.

There are some that have a rotating feature and are circular light movers instead of a rail.

Higher End

Light Rail 3.5 Complete Kit


  • 2 piece
  • 2 meter (6’6”) Rail
  • 10 RPM motor
  • 0-60 sec. delay

The Light rail 3.5 is perfect for a smaller size grow room or grow tent we need to move the light around.

Great for getting rid of shadows if you noticed some plants aren’t performing as well as others.

This light mover has a 10 RPM motor and the speed cannot be adjusted.

It moves at four feet per minute.

You can also set a delay at the end of the cycle for up to 60 seconds.

This is great to promote even canopy growth and to make sure all your plants are getting off the optimal amounts of light. 

Another great feature with the light rail 3.5 is that the tracks are interchangeable with the version Light Rail 4.0.

A bonus if you want to upgrade.

The distance of the track is 6 ft 6 in and come in two pieces, so it’s perfect if you would like to DIY for a smaller space like a grow tent.

You can get additional rails if you need to set a specific distance such as 10 ft instead of 12 or 6 feet.

Light Rail 4 Complete Kit


  • 2 piece
  • 2 meter (8’6”) Rail
  • 6-10 RPM motor
  • 0-60 seconds delay

The Light Rail 4 can give you the Extra distance you need to reach the full length of your garden.

What’s cool about this light mover is that you can have two different speeds of the motor.

The speeds differ from 6 RPM to 10 RPM, and that translates into time adjustments of 2 to 4 minutes per foot.

Depending on the size of your garden this can drastically increase no production which then leads the buds and possibly a higher yield.

The light rail 4 can use a Robo stick.

The Robo stick can be used for various LED grow lights or regular bulb lights depending on your setup and height availability.

Another great feature with the light rail 4 if you have old or additional tracks from the models 3.0 + 3.5 they can be interchangeable.

That’s great if you want to DIY the light rail to fit your specific growing area.

For either a grow tent or grow room even in greenhouses.

The light rail kit 4.0 also comes with a delay feature for up to 60 seconds on each end of the light rail.

This helps keep, and even canopy throughout the grow preventing the center part to have more growth than the end sections.

This can also increase Bud sites and potentially increase your yield.

Light Rail 4.20 Kit Light Mover for 2 Lights


  • 2 piece
  • 2 meter (8’6”) Rail
  • 6-10 RPM motor
  • Zero to 60 seconds delay
  • Can use 2 grow lights

The Light Rail 4.20 give you what everyone has been asking for the ability to have two lights on a single light rail.

This is a great new add-on that they made from the 4.0 model.

I suppose some growers out there asking light rail to make a light mover that can support two lights.

But that’s smaller than the commercial grower 5.0.

The light rail 4.2 also has a two-speed motor from 6 to 10 RPMs and is also 8 ft 6 inches in length for the rail.

It also comes with your standard 60-second delay which as you know will provide even light to the whole canopy of your garden.

This light you can still do a DIY if you need to change the length of the rail.

The bonus with this light mover is that you can use it with two grow lights instead of 1.

This provides you more light spread to your area for possibly increased yields.

On a budget

Hydrofarm – Sola Rola Complete System


  • 2- 3 ft. rails
  • 4.5 rpm motor
  • Supports 50 lbs.

The Hydrofarm light track system is a basic light mover.

With the Hydrofarm light mover, you can go to 6 feet distance on the rail.

Unfortunately, you cannot DIY this rail, and they do not sell extra pieces as other manufacturers do.

The speed is a constant 4.5 rpm, and you do not have the ability to set a delay at the end of the track this may impact even canopy growth.

The Hydrofarm can support up to 50 lb which is enough for a light and reflector.

Gro1 Light Mover


  • 6 ft. rail
  • 10 RPM motor
  • Set distance

The Gro1 Light Mover is a general light mover that is more suited for the grow room.

Not recommend for a grow tent it does not have the Crawford clips to handle a mover inside a grow tent.

It comes with the 6-foot rail, and you can set the distance for how far you like the motor and your lights to go.

The engine that comes with this is configured at 10 RPMs this mother cannot be adjusted.

With this light mover from grow 1, you also can’t set a delay, so it’s just a constant motion back and forth.

This can affect the growth of your plants possibly the middle sections. 

Top 3 questions on grow room light movers

Do light movers work?

Many growers out there want to know if light movers work, are they effective at growing good quality cannabis?

The light mover allows you to give more light to your plants by placing the light closer to the top of the canopy than you can usually.

By moving the light, it provides an even spread of light on the canopy.

A light mover allows the light to penetrate the shadow areas of the plants normal blocked by the stationary position of the grow light.

The light penetration also helps in getting light to the nodes that were frequently blocked by shadow or other leaf positions.

Here is an infrared comparison,

Light Rail with 1 light over 6 ft


Stationary with 1 Light Over 5 feet/ 1.5 Meters

Image source

Worth the Money?

Another question growers want to know is, are light movers worth it?

Depending on the type of grow setup you have light movers can be worth it for healthy plants and potential to have a better yield with better efficiency of your lights.

Do light rails increase yield?

There are two different philosophies on this, and some say:

Yes they can, some have reported having 5- 25 percent increase in yield

While others say no don’t bother you would be better off to get another light. 

Final Thoughts

Grow Light movers may be beneficial for you depending on your grow and what’s setup you have.

When using light mover in veg, these are great for developing tight nodes spaces of the branches.

It has been noted to increase yields depending on the lights you’re using in space provided.

When using grow light mover for grow tent, I recommend the Light Rail 4.0

This gives you the ability to have an adjustable speed of the motor and you can also DIY the light rail to size your tent.

I also prefer the light rail 4.0 for the crew room as well when using a 1000 watt double ended gavita. 

Do you use a light rail?

What are your thoughts on best light movers?

Let me know in the comments

Keep Growing my friends

5 thoughts on “The Best Grow Light Mover for the Grow Room or Tent!”

  1. Very informative thanks! I’ve got a grow area of about 4m x 1.6m and I’m looking to run a light rail with 2 1000W DE Gavita HPS lights, will this give enough light cover for that length room?

    • Munky, I would say you can get about 2.5 meters total coverage out of one light rail may need and extender for it , to go the distance. Hope this helps

  2. We six senior citizens can’t afford NY’s prices, so we have an
    11’L X 10’W X 8′ 6″H ” Flower Room, a 5×5, 4×4, 3×5 G.Tents for Veg & would like to add light movers, as a hydro employee said to use them & 1000w HPS’s on our “Charlottes Web” & NO LED’s. You don’t want sugar production! What would you recommend? We have a 1000W HPS, a Yield Lab 315W CMH, 2 COB 1800W, two COB/LED 1800W, 2 COB 1500W and a 175W MH Lights. Thank you,
    The Dirty 1/2 Dozen

  3. I use them with high power led 600 watts draw even growth from end to end 4.0 for adjustability runs full length of rail the more intense the light the further you can move it no more hot spots


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