The Best Trim Tray for your Cannabis Buds

When using a trim tray, you always get a reward at the end.

It’s one of the most satisfying times of the trim besides being done.

All that kief is sitting on the bottom. Trichome heaven.

There are many different varieties out there ergonomic designed, various sizes of screens.

Some even come with a holder for trimming scissors.

We got you covered with the best trim trays for weed out there right now.

Should you use a trim tray?

The answer is Yes.

You should use either a trim tray or something such as cardboard underneath your trimming.

There will be a massive amount of trichomes falling from your cannabis all over.

A trim tray also makes it easier to clean up afterward and keeps buds contained.

What to look for in a trim tray

  • Size of screen how many microns does it have if any.
  • Non-slip bottom is a great thing to have especially on slippery table or counter-tops.
  • Ergonomic design is needed when in trim jail for a long time.
  • Portability is a great thing to have
  • Improve your trimming? Some users of trim trays have found it to increase their trimming ability and also were able to trim longer due to the ergonomic design. 

Best trim trays

Happy Hydro Kief Collector


  • 150 Micron Screen
  • Strong-Durable
  • Grip on bottom
  • 19.5 x 12.2 x 2.5 inches

The Happy Hydro Kief collector Is a solid trimming tray at a great price.

The Kief collector has a 150 Micron stainless steel mesh screen which is great at collecting the pollen when you’re trimming your cannabis buds.

The tray comes with a non-slip grip on the bottom which is perfect when holding it in your lap and or on a table surface.

This grip prevents any mishaps that can occur when in trim jail.

What I like about the kief collector is that is made of solid plastic and it’s not flimsy the quality is really good.

There is about a two and a half inch depth to the tray.

Which is nice it’s not too deep to where your arms fall in they can rest easily on top and trim a fair amount of bud.

As a bonus you get a magnifying card to check out your trichomes in the tray or out.

It also doubles as a scraper.

The best part with the Kief Collector is that you get to utilize all parts of your plant and not waste the precious pollen to cardboard or sticky glass when trimming.

Just trim, shake the tray for a minute or two and collect!

Honey Bee Pollen and Trim Tray Kit


  • 150-micron screen
  • Stainless-Steel
  • Replace pollen screen
  • 19 x 11 x 2 inches

The Honeybee trim tray is a perfect low-profile trimming tray.

The design enables a smooth trim session.

Also with a 150-micron stainless steel screen to filter all those amazing trichomes into a large tray below.

The Honeybee trim tray has a non-slip base which is really nice when working on tabletops and prevent being knocked off the table.

What we like is that you don’t have to rest your arms on the trim tray like other ones and caused less shoulder strain. When used on a table.

Another cool thing is if you want a different size pollen screen, they have either a 100 or 200 micron available!

Harvest More Trim Bin


  • Ergonomic designed to reduce fatigue
  • 150-micron screen
  • Portable anywhere
  • 19.5 x 15.3 x 6 inches

If you’re looking for a trim tray that’s stepping up their game, it’s the Harvest More Trim Bin.

An ergonomic design specifically to reduce back, shoulder, wrist strain, and fatigue.

With this design, trimmers have been able to increase their speed of trimming.

That can make the difference when your job is to trim.

What we like is that you can use this on any chair it is a portable trimming tray.

High back and side walls to prevent spillage.

Suited up with a 150-micron screen to catch all the falling pollen from your marijuana buds that you’re finely manicuring.

Talk about being environmentally friendly made with all recycled plastic a nice touch.

Heavy Harvest Trim Tray


  • 150-micron screen
  • Non-slip base
  • Laptop use-able
  • 20 x 10 x 3 inches

The Heavy Harvest trim tray has a multi-use that can be used on table top or your lap.

The low side design reduces strain, and when using this trim tray, it can be quite comfortable.

This trim tray comes with a 150-micron Tray Top which is great for filtering the trichomes that fall when trimming your dank bud.

The only thing this doesn’t have is a place to rest your beverage. One thing that cool is that comes with a magnifying card.

To look at all those trichomes in the bottom tray.

The Heavy Harvest also has smaller pollen screens available, like 200 or 100 micron if you want a finer dry sift.

Agree Table top Tray


  • High sides and back
  • Spacious work area
  • Easy access
  • 25 x 20 x 6 inches

If you need a basic trim tray, then the Agree table top tray is the one for you.

This trim tray has no fancy features such as a fancy micro screen mesh.

A nice open front lets you trim and manicure your cannabis buds with ease. The sides and back are higher to make sure the trim stays in the bin.

You can also use this to mix soil or coco for clones or transplanting.

Small trim trays

Large Walnut Pollen Sifter/Shaker Box


  • Removable tempered tray
  • 100-micron screen
  • Hardwood design
  • 6 5/8″ x 6 5/8″ x 2 3/8″

Trim and manicure your marijuana in style.

The large sifter box by Green Goddess is perfect for the small grower or anyone who wants to go old school.

Fitted with a 100-micron screen for a finer pollen collection on a tempered mirror.

The glass makes the scraping easy, smooth and static free.

Each piece comes with magnets to prevent slipping. Packs away with ease and looks cool anywhere.

GRO1 Trim Station Trim Tray


  • Ergonomic design
  • Drink and phone holder
  • 23″x13″x5″

The Gro1 Trim Station with trim tray is meant for small growers.

What’s neat about this setup is that you can have a beverage holder (for a small glass) also hold an iPhone (smaller than 6 inches).

This trim tray is meant to be on your lap, and you trim into a bag that is attached to a drop hole in the center.

The trim station does not have a fine micro mesh; this is a basic trim job with no trichome collection afterward. It’s in the bag!

You can hold about 6 ounces of herb on one side and about another ounce one the other if you pack it in.

The trim station is a unique setup.

How to use a trim tray

The best way to use a trim tray to ensure you get the optimal amount of kief collected is to follow these basic steps :

Take the trim tray of your choice and other place it on a table or your lap.

Grab some of your newly cut off branches from your cannabis plant.

Place them on top of your trim tray on either the side or top to leave an open space to work with about the mesh screen.

Start to trim your buds by taking off the big leaves first, then slowly working around the bud to take off the smaller leaves.

When your complete of trimming your cannabis buds that are currently on your tray.

Either place them in the hanging spot of your choice or place into jars or containers to continue the dry or curing process you are at.

After you’re finished trimming all of your cannabis buds now it’s time to clean up.

Scrape any kief that’s stuck on the corners of your trim tray to the mesh screen and gently.

Shake the trim tray for at least a minute or two so the pollen falls onto the holding tray below.

Remove the top part of the trim tray and gently scrape with your scraper the kief into a pile.

Place the pollen in parchment paper or a container of your choice to hold it in.

Now it’s time to clean the pollen tray,

How to clean a trim tray

Here are some general steps to follow on how to clean a trim tray:

I like to get some paper towel and coat it with some 99 proof alcohol that is used for medical use. Not the type you drink.

Then to clean around the areas of where the meshes and the outside areas thoroughly with the paper towel and alcohol on the top tray.

Now move down to the bottom tray and do the same.

The mesh screen will be a little difficult to clean.

One trick a reader found is you take large towel and fold in half.

Put screen on towel and clean with micro fiber with alcohol at least 3 to four times.

Each time flip the towel underneath so that it is a clean part that has not touched the screen yet so that any residue removed stays off.

Then if you wish take some hot soapy water and wash your trim tray out make sure to thoroughly rinse there’s no soap residue left in the mesh screen.

Next let it air-dry.

Final Thoughts

trim tray

A trim tray is a must when trimming your cannabis buds.

It catches and enormous amounts of trichome crystals of kief.

Why let it just drop away. For some, this is their medicine. Like myself.

So, which one is the best?

I use the Heavy Harvest Trim Tray, it works well for my needs, and I love how easy it is to clean up the mound of kief left over. Perfect dry sift.

Do you use a trim tray?

Which one do you use?

Let me know in the comments

Trim on my friends

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  1. The harvest trim bin is our choice couple things though more colors and be able to replace screen have had 2 for couple yrs they get wrkd on reg. Basis great product

  2. I really love my GRO1 Trim Station Trim Tray. It also makes the leftover trim really nice for rolling blunts and it’s ready to roll right out the bag.

  3. To clean take large towel and fold in half. Put screen on that and clean with micro fiber with alcohol at least 3 to four times, each time flip the towel underneath so that it is a clean part that has not touched the screen yet so that any residue removed stays off.


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