Kill Slugs and Snails on your Cannabis Plants!

Slugs and snails in your cannabis garden are a pest mainly for the outdoor grower.

On rare occasions, you may have them in your indoor grow.

If you do these can just be picked off and removed and no need to worry about them coming back to your cannabis plants.

Remember if you’re transporting plants or bringing them in from outside check the plants thoroughly before placing them in your indoor garden.

Snails and slugs love shaded areas make sure you check if your plants have dense foliage with a lot of branches they like to hide in the dark.

Make sure to check underneath nay pots or structures around your grow to make sure no slugs or snails are curled up hiding.


Slugs and snail are nocturnal, so it’s best to check on your plants when growing outdoors when it’s dark and in the early hours.

This is the best time to see if to see them on your plants feasting away.

Sometimes these creatures can be hard to spot when growing outdoors.

So, if you suspect you have some slugs and or snails creeping around your outdoor grow here are some of the signs,

Signs of slugs and snails on cannabis

  • Circular pieces missing from leaf
  • Visible bite or chew marks
  • Yellowing around missing fragments of leaf
  • Found hiding dense foliage

Prevention and Natural soultions

Handpick them off is the most obvious first step to remove these slugs or snails from your marijuana plants.

There is no need to have them chewing away and causing unwanted stress to your plants.

It’s best to check on your plants in the dark after a couple of hours, that’s when they start to be active.

Beer yes even slugs or snails can’t resist the flavor of the beer.

They love that yeast smell protruding from the open can.

Make a beer can trap.

You can leave a quarter to half full beer can around your plants, and the aroma of the beer will attract them to the beer can.

Slowly makes their way up and then slide in to get a taste and whoops, it falls into the beer drowning an intoxicating death.

Or you can also just put the beer in a small dish to make it a little easier to trap.

Slug traps are effective in trapping the slugs and snails these need to be set under some soil.

But not too far make sure to leave some space so the edge is above the soil, so the slugs cannot escape.

There are other slug traps out there that do not require to be buried and just sit out for them to go in and never come out. Like Slug X Trap

Eggshells have known to deter snails and slugs because they do not like to crawl over surfaces that are rough because it can damage their bodies.Nutshells are also the same as eggshell when it comes to deterring slugs. Sprinkle around your outdoor plants to make them stay away.

The uneven surface and sharp shells can keep the snail form slithering up the stalk of your pant for an evening snack.

Coffee grounds put around the plant on dirt, but most growers have stated this is ineffective for keeping them out.

So using coffee is not recommended.

Common plants can also be planted around your grow such as rosemary, wormwood, anise, fennel.

These types of plants are not a favorite of snails or slugs.


When natural solutions not working

Diatomaceous Earth is excellent at making sure no slugs are crawling around the base of the plants.

This is like glass on the bare slimy skin of the slug, they quickly find out not to pass go on this plant.

Also, when Diatomaceous Earth is mixed into the soil, it also has other benefits like keeping gnats or aphids out of the roots.

Copper tape is something that can be applied to your plants and is effective.

They cannot stand slithering across copper because get this it shocks them. There is actual research on this here copper shocking slugs.

You can also use Copper Mesh and put around your plants, although through the tape may be all you need.

Now we start to move on to the more extreme measures on how to kill the slugs and snails.

Extreme solutions

Sluggo is an alternative to baits for slugs out there.

What Sluggo is made up of iron phosphate and can be sprinkled around the bottom of your plants.

It’s safe for fruits and vegetables up to harvest and is also safe around pets. Sluggo also will not depreciate over time with rain or erosion.

Killer Slug Bait can be used around your plants, these come in a pellet base form.

The slugs and even like to eat these up, and eventually they die.

Baits are usually safe and organic so no need to worry about shit in your plants.

The pellets are also safe around animals, but it’s not recommended they eat the bait pellets.

Deadline Force II Slug and Snail Killer will attract and kill slugs a liquid solution made to last.

It will be the last resort if you have some weird slug and snail outbreak. Deadline force is safe, or vegetable and fruits plants.

Not recommended for flower and use with caution in veg.


Tiny slug / snail on a cannabis plant

Final Thoughts

If you notice you have some slugs or snails that are trying to eat some of your plants, its best to pick them off and dispose of them.

Then make a barrier to the bottom of your plants to keep them from climbing up.

Be sure to check any dark places around the grow that they could be hiding like under old pots or underneath various items in the garden.

Bait works well, just remember not to overdo it, if you plan when planting by incorporating other plants that deterred them.

Have you had a slug or snail issue in your outdoor cannabis garden

Have you had any indoors?

What were your solutions

Let me know in the comments

Keep Growing my friends.

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  1. Had a problem for 2 years all my grows had no effect when smoked only slight effect, absolutly no potency. I had to dispose of it all. I tried to find an answer ,but I could never find out. had root rot, bud rot, powdery mildew.Fusarium, cured all but still my grow was worthless, everyone I asked gave me their opinion, but no help, finally I was talking to someone and was told my problem sounded like Russet Mites. Bingo; I researched it and found that the smptoms were the same as my grow because I had no trichomes ,the mites ate them.I used Diotomoaceous Earth dusted all my plants and soil. Checked with microscope no more mites after 4 days. I will wash all my plants with tea mixture, now I will release some predatory mites [ Galendromus occidentalis] and see the results, on the potency of my cannibus


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