The Best 5×5 Grow Tent-Ultimate Guide.

When you’re looking for a little bit more room for your cannabis plants, we can help you find the best 5×5 grow tent for your needs.

If you’re used to grow in a smaller tent such as a 2×4 or 3×3 , you will notice a big difference in the amount of room available to grow.

Or if this is your first tent it can be a solid choice.

Grow tents are great at keeping your house clean , so you don’t have to renovate a room and have it smell up a corner of the house.

It has its own environment which you can control really easy.

If you want to have multiple grows in one area such as a veg and flower tent.

Some of the benefits of having a 5×5 grow tent are you can fit a 4×4 flood table on the floor in there with enough room for your plants to branch out.

You can also have a foot in the front for a dehumidifier or small AC if needed.

What to look for in grow tent

  • Canvas material minimum 600D
  • Mylar reflective coating minimum 90% reflective
  • Steel rods that can hold weight (more than 60 lbs)
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable floor is nice
  • Multiple doors for easy access
  • 4 Vent holes
  • Accommodate different vent sizes

Best 5 X 5 grow tent

iPower 5’x5′ Grow Tent


  • 60″x60″x80″
  • 100% Light Proof
  • Sturdy Frame
  • Removable Floor Tray

The iPower 5’x5′ Grow Tent is great for keeping your plants in the right climate for optimal growth.

It’s made with thick durable walls and a highly reflective inner material. 

This is perfect for reflecting your grow light . Made for LED or HPS and MH lamps.

Thick steel bars are included with welded corner pieces, better than other brands with cheap plastic corner brackets.

The tent can hold up to 110 lbs, which is fantastic if you want to include and light, fan, carbon filter, inside the grow tent.

Easy to clean with a removable reflective floor tray.

The zippers are double reinforced which make is easy to open and close the doors.

iPower grow tent comes with multiple 6 Inch duct ports that can be used for ductwork or fans and electrical cables .

There is also 2 ventilation ports that have mesh screens.

 A bonus feature is comes with a hanging pouch for tools like ph meter or trimmers. Check out the iPower 5×5 grow tent today.

VIVOSUN 5’x5′ Grow Tent


  • 60″x60″x80″
  • 2 year warranty
  • 600d canvas
  • Heavy Duty Zipper

The Vivosun 5×5 grow tent is one tent that will keep the light in.

Made with a tough a durable canvas of 600D material.

The superior reflective interior will reflect back 98% percent of the light.

This is great to let your plants thrive and grow their maximum potential.

The grow tent by Vivosun comes with welded corner brackets, which makes this tent very sturdy.

This tent also comes with four 8 inch duct holes, with 2 venting holes and a 12 inch square window.

You will be able to easily clean this grow tent with the removable floor and big doors to access your plants.

Best of all this has a 2 year warranty.

A hanging pouch for tools in your garden is also included.

It’s recommended to put together the grow tent with another person to make it easier, instruction manual included for fast assembly.

Viparspectra 5’x5′ Grow Tent


  • 60″x60″x80″
  • Removable Floor Tray
  • 100% light proof
  • Sturdy

The Viparspectra 5’x5′ Grow Tent can hold up to 110 lbs.

Incredible more than enough to hold your light and fixture also a fan and filter. Great for using led lights that have a heavier fixture.

This tent is sturdy with welded corner brackets which prohibit bending .

100 percent light proof , the interior comes with a 92-97 % reflective mylar.

The grow tent has 10, 8 3 inch sock vents for your ventilation systems like ducting or fans and electrical.

Like most grow tents out there this comes with a removebale floor for easy clean up.

The Viparspectra grow tent offers a 1 year warranty for any issues that may arise.

Cool Grows 5×5 grow tent


  • 60″x60″x80″
  • Removable Floor Tray
  • 100% light proof
  • 600d canvas

The Cool grows 5×5 grow tent is a durable and sturdy tent.

The material is made from 600D canvas and has a reflective mylar of about 92-97 percent which is average for most tents out there.

Cool Grows tent comes equipped with a window so you can easily check on your plants whenever you want to see their progress.

The frame is made of metal and also has welded corner bracket which promote good strength and limit bending .

This tent comes with 2 – 11 inch sock vents and 4 – 9 inch sock vents for ducting or electrical and addition fans.

The grow tent is easy to setup and also comes with a one year warranty.

You will be able to clean the tent easily with the removable floor which is a great feature.

Helios 5×5 grow tent


  • 60″x60″x80″
  • Light proof
  • 600d canvas
  • Heavy Duty Zipper

The Helios 5×5 grow tent gives you the ability to check on your plants for all 4 angles.

Helios tent features doors on all side so you can access your plants when you need to without removing them from the grow tent.

Built with 3/4 inch thick steel frame is very sturdy and also has welded corner bracket for extra support to limit bending.

The tent has a nice fit and is made with thick 600D nylon , with reflective mylar and removable floor .

The helios has 5 sock vents for ducting and fans or electrical. If you need to take a quick look at the plants and not wanting to open the doors .

The main door has a window great for such an occasion.

If you need to clean the tent the floor is removable, this makes it easy to clean up trim or spilled nutrients.

Hydroplanet 5×5 Grow Tent


  • 60″x60″x80″
  • High Reflective Mylar
  • 100% light proof
  • Huge doors

The Hydroplanet 5×5 grow tent has 2 massive main doors the open 90 degrees from both side.

You can access your plants with ease and not have to worry about rounded corner doors.

Hydroplanet’s grow tent comes with a 2 year warranty this is great if you run into issue down the line with a zipper or other issues.

Four venting kit comes with five 8 inch vents for fans or ducting and two 4 inch sock vents for electronics cables or even ducting.

This tent does not come with a removable floor so cleaning up may be a little issue.

Gorilla Grow Tent 5×5


  • 60″x60″x80″
  • Extendable to 10′ tall
  • 1680D thick material
  • Diamond Reflective

The Gorilla Grow Tent 5×5 name says it all.

This is one tent that will keep the environment of your garden in check with the extra thick 1680D material.

If you need the extra height the gorilla tent has you covered with an extra 12 inch extension included with the tent.

Gorilla tent can hold up to 300 lbs, which is more than enough weight to support a heavy led light with exhaust fans and and can filter and also additional fans.

The tent is so sturdy you can hang under the tent without it bending or swaying.

Inside has a diamond coated mylar for extreme light reflection. fitted with 10 inch wide vent holes with double cinching to make sure there is a snug fit.

The gorilla tent also comes with a removable floor tub, great to keep the tent clean.

You are able to access your grow from all four corner 360 degrees.

The Gorilla tent comes with a 1 year warranty in case you have an issue. It also comes complete with a pouch for tools.

GROWNEER 5×5 Grow Tent


  • 60″x60″x80″
  • 600d canvas
  • Heavy Duty Zipper

The Growneer 5×5 grow tent has a 95 percent reflective mylar inside.

This is key to utilize the most out of your light.

Made with a 600D canvas material and heavy duty zippers , this tent will last a long time.

There also is a removable floor, and an observation window. The poles are made with steel and no plastic corners.

The tent has four 7 inch sock vents with dual cinching. There are also two 3 inch vents and two square floor vents.

Growneer offers a ironclad two year warranty and there is an inside gear pouch included.


Most grow tents on the market have a tiny pin holes in them.

Some do not.

To check if you have may pinholes in your grow tent, this can be done in a couple of ways:

Method A

  • Turn on your grow light and close all vents and doors.
  • Then turn off the lights in the current room the tent is in and all other light.
  • The light should start to penetrate any holes , simply put gorilla tape or duct tape or electrical tape over the holes.

Method B

  • Go inside the tent close all doors and turn off the lights
  • sit there at least 5 minutes for your eye to adjust. 
  • If you see any pinholes place some tape over them while in the tent.
  •  Afterwards when the lights are on you can put some glue in the hole to patch it up if you would like

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a the best 5×5 grow tent, make sure you look for one that has solid frame, with no plastic corners.

I like the removable floor , because it’s so easy to clean for the next run.

Other than that most of them are all standard except for the premium brand Gorilla Tent.

Which has the extra thick 1680D canvas for perfect environmental control.

As for on budget the iPower should work just fine .

What grow tent do you use?

Let me know in the comments 

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