The Best Bud Trimming Machine: Ultimate Review Guide

When you’re looking for the best bud trimming machine out there, it’s usually because of two reasons.

The first one is to speed up your trimming time, and the second is you have a large amount of cannabis to trim.

A marijuana trimming machine can help you with that is a big way.

There are so many various types of models out there for different types of trimming needs.

In this post we cover all the best bud trimmers out there to help make the harvest go efficiently as possible.

There are ones that can do wet and dry buds, some also require human assistance and some are automatic and can use conveyor belts.

We even cover a couple marijuana trimmers that can be used for the home or craft grower.

This can save hours off the trim time especially if you have a busy life.

Now let’s take a look at,


What to look for in a bud trimmer


Here are some of the things to look for in a bud trimming machine.

Size, there are lots of different models depending on the size of your needs. Are you a big producer or a small home craft grower?

Quality of the trim, do the buds come out nice and uniform, some have it look more like a hand trim was done to the marijuana buds.

Function, of the unit , do you require it to be automatic and hands free or use a manual crank.

Dependable, the machine should not get clogged to often or it’s a smooth operation with little maintenance over time.

Easy to Clean, with growing cannabis there is lots of resin ( which means sticky) and also precious thc/cbd trichomes that can be recovered and utilized. The trim must be easy to remove as well.



Different types of cannabis trimmers


There are many different types of bud trimming machines.

Some are made for big production with conveyor belts or they are smaller size and can be can be setup to be used by a trim team in a smaller production.

Each one makes different cuts some such as hand trim looks or just buzz cut.

There are also ones that can be used by the home grower like the trim bowls.

These are compact and ready to use with the dry buds to remove excess leaves off the buds.

There are weed trim machines that can be used for wet and dry buds.

Not sure why you want to trim wet buds in my opinion.

If your looking for a non motorized table top trimmer check out the post on leaf bowl trimmers


The Best Bud Trimming machines


Twister T2 Trimming System


  • Conveyor Belt System
  • Big Production
  • Fast output

If your a big producer of cannabis such as green houses or large operations in Canada like licensed producers or in the United States.

The Twister T2 Trimming System could be what you’re looking for.

This trimming machine is meant to be used on a conveyor belt system.

Greatly reducing labor costs for hand trimmers , if your not worried about the quality of bud going out.

The Twister T2 , does do a really close cut on the buds. The output speed can do double the amount of a regular twister model.

Because it’s basically two twisters back to back ready to churn and burn those buds.

This model is a beast and is recommended for really big commercial / medical grow operations.

Twister T6 Trimming Machine (Dry or Wet Tumbler Option)


  • Great for smaller growers
  • Fast output
  • Save time

The Twister T6 is specifically designed for the home/small grower.

Made from a table to counter top this cannabis trimming machine can trim up to 4 pounds per hour for dried cannabis, and 18 pounds per hour wet.

Easy to and clean, made from the highest quality parts around.

This compact unit can make a trim happen in a blink of an eye.

So you can focus on doing other things than taking the hours , days or weeks to trim.

Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer


  • Wet/dry models
  • commercial size
  • Replace 15 people

The Centurion Pro Mini is the smallest commercial marijuana trimmer on the market.

Choose from two different types of trimming. wet or dry models available depending on how you trim.

What’s great is if your a commercial or large medical grower this can replace about 15 people from trimming.

To save you money and time.

The Centurion Pro mini comes with 1 high-quality steel blades to make trimmer very efficient and produces a fine trim to the product.

This is a top rated trimmer that is perfect for the big grower that needs help trimming to keep up with the demand.

Comes with a five year warranty on the motor.

Tom’s Tumble Trimmer TTT 1900


  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Large or small growers

Tom Tumble Trimmer 1900 can trim two to four pounds in 10 minutes.

All done by centrifugal force, no need to touch anything it trims automatically.

The waste from your cannabis buds are neatly dropped under the unit into a giant bag system.

This then drains into a bucket or bin of your choice.

The motor has a speed control which is a nice feature to have and two different size nets for filter out the trim.

The Triminator – Industrial Trimmer System


  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Large or small growers
  • small conveyor belt use

The Triminator , The name says it all .

This trimming  machine is designed for commercial and license or small craft growers that need an efficient and productive way the trim the harvest.

With an automatic timer it makes trimming easy you pretty much can just set it and forget it.

This trimming machine can be used with small conveyor belt if you like to go that road as well.

The triminator comes with a food grade trim bin collect all the buds.

You can also only use dry buds in this weed trimming machine which is optimal to prevent clogging and jamming of wet leaf material.

With proprietary cutting material inside the drum it is easy and smooth and in no time at all nice manicured machine buds come out.

Mean Green Trimming Machine Pro Dry Trimmer


  • 3 speeds forward reverse
  • digital timer
  • produces tight cut buds.

If you want a trim machine that is setup right out of the box and ready t o go, then the Mean Green trimming machine is perfect for you.

The Mean Green has two different sizes to choose for a 12 inch or 16 inch depending on the amount of weed you have to trim.

The trim form this trimming machine comes out nice and “tight”.

Suited up with a digital timer with three speeds and can also go forward or reverse direction.

Trimpro ORIGINAL Leaf Bud Plant Trimmer Trim Pro


  • 4 options
  • great for small grower
  • Fast/ safe.

The Trimpro Original is one of the First companies out there to make a trimming machine.

Going back to 2003 just trimming machine is what started it all off for the home/ craft grower.

The Trim Pro original is easy to use and really quiet.

It removes outer leaves and find stems effortlessly while separating the trim from the finished product.

The blades are made with tempered steel, the blades cut cleanly without damaging the buds.

This trimming machine as latches locking the top keeping your product secure inside and comes with large bags to collect the trim.

There are four different options for the trim Pro original and they are:

Option 1: Silence large (STD): large slots only (7/16″)

Option 2: Silence Mixed: Small and large slots on the same grate (7/16″ et 1/4″)

Option 3: Original Large: Large slots only (7/16″)

Option 4: Original Mixed: Small and large slots on the same grate (7/16″ et 1/4″)

Pros and cons of using a bud trimming machine


  • Save time when trimming
  • Save money on hiring extra staff to hand trim
  • Speed , it is very fast and can be automatic
  • Trim a large quantity of marijuana


  • The trim usually looks like a buzz cut and all buds are all uniform.
  • There is more waste  from the buds than hand trimming.
  • Lose a large amount of the trichomes, means weaker cannabis being sold.
  • Can get clogged and break down

What to do with left over trim


The best things to do with the leftover trim from a large producer to the home grower are the following.

Use screens and trim trays to collect the precious kief left over from all the trim leaves and material in the trimming bags or bins.

Make edibles out the sugar leaves and trim a growing trend in the market and a great way to get the most out of your cannabis plants.

Edible oil can also be made from the trim out of either olive oil or mct oil.

Rosin or concentrates can be used with the kief or left over trim ( kamy ways to make it safely out there)


Final thoughts


The way we recommend trimming cannabis buds is by hand.

You get more resale value out of it and the quality and potency is higher of the bud is being sold.

In this review we showed you the best bud trimming machines out there and all the various sizes and models to choose from for your required needs.

A marijuana trimming machine save an enormous amount of time and increases efficiency in your employees if your a big producer.

For the home or craft grower some of these trimmers can help get your more time back in your day to focus on other things than being stuck in trim jail.

Do you use trimming machines?

What are your thoughts?

Let me know in the comments

Keep growing my friend

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