Best Leaf Bowl Trimmer for Cannabis Buds

When hand trimming herb in trim jail, it can seem like it takes forever.

Sure at the start it’s kind of fun , soon after not so much.

With new products coming out all the time, and one of the best ways to save time out there is with a leaf bowl trimmer.

This is more meant for the small grower who likes to trim their buds when slightly moist, and hang in a tray to dry.

You can still use it with dry herb but be cautious. You will read more about his late on.

It’s a time saver for some growers out there.

In this post we will cover the best bowl trimmer on the market right now.

We will also go over the benefits and how to properly use, and most of all what to look out for when buying a bud bowl trimmer.

If your wondering what the best ones are here is the:

Top 5 leaf bowl trimmers

Risentek Bud Leaf Trimmer16 inch
VIVOSUN leaf bowl trimmer16 inch
iPower Leaf Bowl Trimmer16 inch
MELONFARM Bud Bowl Trimmer19 inch
iPower Leaf Bowl Trimmer19 inch

Let’s move on to,

The Benefits of a Leaf Bowl Trimmer

Some of the benefits of using a leaf bowl trimmer are:

Saves time when you have to trim your newly harvested or dried buds, because trimming by hand takes a long time.

Easily trims semi-moist buds when either freshly harvested or semi dried

Trim more in less time, have more time in your day for other fun stuff

Wet or Dry , the bowl trimmers usually can trim both conditions of herb

The Best Bowl Trimmer

Here are the top 8 bowl trimmers on the market:

Risentek Bud Leaf Trimmer Machine 16-inch


  • Stainless steel
  • wet / dry
  • Easy to clean
  • 16-inch

The Risentek leaf bowl trimmer is a Cut Above some of the leaf trimmers on the market.

What makes it unique is that it has two Different types of grates 1-4 trimming wet Buds and another for dry buds.

The Risentek comes with an all metal gearbox which ensures the unit will not break down due to cheap plastic parts.

With stainless steel surgical sharp blades this bud trimmer makes easy work out of your dry buds and trims them to a hand quality fine trim.

The silicone fingers move the buds effortlessly around the trimmer.

What we liked about this leaf bowl trimmer is that you can do both wet or dry buds.

We recommend using it only for dry dried up buds speed up you’re trimming process before you jar it.

With tops it off is that you can hold the handle down easy storage.

MELONFARM 19-Inch Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer


  • Stainless steel Bowl
  • Dry Only
  • 19 inch
  • extra bonsai shears

The MELONFARM 19 inch bowl trimmer has the “ power of 30 scissors in 1 unit “.

This is what stated by the manufacturer and the bud bowl trimmer does a really decent job at trimming you try cannabis buds.

The MELONFARM leaf trimmer has a single razor sharp blade underneath the grate so when it trims your buds it only takes extended tiny leaves the poke through the grate above.

This trim bowl comes with a clear dome cover with the handle that comes off for easy Storage.

What we liked is the stainless steel bowl collects all the trim so you can easily process it later.

We also liked the size of the unit and was a little larger than some of the other bowls out on the market at 19 inch provides ample enough room and you can add a little bit more bud when trimming.

VIVOSUN 16 inch Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer


  • Stainless steel Bowl
  • dry/wet
  • 16 inch
  • 3 sizes of Blades

The VIVOSUN 16 inch Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer Comes with everything you need to trim your cannabis plants.

From actual hand tremors to Bonsai shears and extra blades you get it all with the VIVOSUN bowl trimmer.

You can trim wet or dry buds with the three different sizes of blades

The 6 inch is for dry buds and there is a straight 4.5 inch blade for Wet trimming , and then another 4.5 inch serrated one for dry buds. Each trim the buds a little different.

 This trimmer has a stainless steel bowl and a nice clear Dome with silicone fingers I gently massage the bud as it spins around 4 trim.

Housed with a solid gear box made of metal this unit will last a while.

The Vivosun leaf trimmer comes with removable handle easy storage.

What we liked about this herb bowl trimmer is that it has various different sizes of blades it’s at a decent price does a nice job trimming semi dry buds

iPower 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer


  • Stainless steel
  • dry/wet
  • 16 inch
  • 2 unique Blades

The iPower 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer has an upgrade gear box for extra durability.

This trimmer has a rubber bowl ring to go around the clear dome to prevent it from coming loose.

The bowl trimmer has two different blades for cutting the herb.

Like with all trimmers out there they claim this can be the work of 30 scissors.

The iPower leaf bowl trimmer does a good job at removing unwanted leaves during the trim stage.

What we like is the ease of use with moist buds. We did not like that if your bud is to dry it shreds it.

You can also get a replacement blade for the unit as well.

Clean Cut Leaf bowl Trimmer 19 inch


  • Stainless steel
  • dry/wet
  • 19 inch
  • 2 unique Blades

The Clean Cut Leaf bowl Trimmer has more room than the average bowl trimmer.

It comes with two blades one serrated and the other straight razor blade. 

The clean cut comes with a metal gearbox with an 18 month warranty. Incredible.

Like most bowl trimmers this has silicone fingers glide across the bud to cut it in a uniform shape.

A more realistic approach to state uses “20 scissors “ in one unit compared to 30 in the other bowl trim companies out there.

We like the fact there was a warranty for the gear box.

VR GROW the Clean Cut Bowl Leaf Trimmer


  • Stainless steel
  • dry/wet
  • 16 inch
  • 2 unique Blades

The VR grow bowl trimmer is nice a trimming the wet buds to basket hanger .

If that’s your method of drying. It also can be used with dry buds , be careful not to dry and crispy.

The VR Grow comes equipped with a stainless steel bowl to collect the trimmings and 2 different blades to cut your herb.

Like most units out there this trimmer has a metal gearbox, with an 18 month warranty from the factory.

Growtent Garden Bowl Trimmer 16 Inch


  • Stainless steel
  • dry/wet
  • 16 inch
  • 2 unique Blades

The Growtent Garden Bowl Trimmer s a bowl that keeps on trimming.

This trimmer can be a useful tool to save some time when trimming.

With all bowl trimmers it all depends on your process to dry and how crispy your buds are.

Some users prefers to trim more moist with this trimmer. It comes with two different blades a straight blade and serrated.

With a nice clear cover and silicone fingers moves the bud around the bowl.

There are even some bonsai scissors included if your need to fine up the trim even more.

iPower 19-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer


  • Stainless steel
  • dry/wet
  • 19 inch
  • 2 unique Blades

The iPower 19-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer is a little cut above the trimmer s out there.

One of the original bowl trimmers this unit is solid for what your get.

Trims the buds in a compact way, when using moist herb.

You can also trim your dried buds , just be careful how dry they are.

Comes with 2 different blades in the unit for trimming wet or dry herbs.

This bowl trimmer has a nonslip base and stainless steel bowl with the metal gearbox.

What we liked on this trimmer is you can order a replacement blade for it . Bonus!

How to use a bowl trimmer

  1. Determine what moisture level your herb is trimming
  2. Remove the bowl’s top lid from the trimmer
  3. Check underneath the grate to install either the serrated blade or straight blade
  4. Secure to grill /grate
  5. Place the grill/grate back onto the trimmer bowl
  6. Put your bud on the grill/grate not to much (do not overcrowd)
  7. Next, Place the cover on top of the leaf bowl trimmer
  8. Turn the handle clockwise for about 10-30 seconds
  9. Gauge how long it takes depending on how many additional leaves are on the buds
  10. Once complete open the top lid and collect your trimmings
  11. If using wet now time to hang dry in a hanging tray
  12. Remove the grill/grate and collect your trim for either edibles or concentrates.

Here is a short video of how to use a leaf bowl trimmer,

Things to look out for when using a bud bowl trimmer

  • Buds are too dry ( really crispy) do not use in a trimmer
  • The quality of the trim is not the same as by hand
  • More meant for moist or semi-moist buds 
  • If the buds are dry and leaves break away easily do not use in bowl trimmer
  • The blades. They are razor sharp and be careful when opening the bowl for the first time.
  • Expect you’re not going to have hand-trim quality buds.

Final Thoughts

The convenience of saving time in the trim is a trade-off when using a leaf bowl trimmer.

The quality of the trim is a lot different than trimming by hand.

But as a time saver for some growers, this can be a good thing.

Some growers like to hang the buds in trays to dense up and dry out after a fresh harvest due to space concerns or preference.

When your bud is hang-dried and then needs a fine trim, this trimmer may not be for you.

It may destroy your bud if it is crispy and falls off by touching it.

We found the best bowl trimmer to be the iPower 16-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer.

It’s like the OG out here in bowl trimmers. 

Companies are trying to be more innovative when it comes to saving time in the garden and trimming.

Have you used a bud bowl trimmer before?

What are your thoughts?

Let me know in the comments

Keep growing my friend

2 thoughts on “Best Leaf Bowl Trimmer for Cannabis Buds”

  1. I haven’t used a bowl trimmer for about 7 years, I do not recall the brand but nonetheless… have they become any better? I Remember the wire “blades” tore the leaves off rather than a cut. It seemed to beat the buds up and I felt a lot of the cannabinoids were lost in the bottom of the bowl and
    On the rubber “fingers”. I’m my head it was degrading the hard work I put in.

    How do you feel about this opinion and do you believe they have gotten better through the years?

    Thank you

    • The blades are a lot better than back then, they are actual blades and not wires. As for all the hard work to grow and dry and use a bowl trimmer is for a time factor. It takes a while to trim by hand if you grow a lot of bud. And you do lose some trichomes that fall to the bottom. But I guess its a little trade off. You could still use a trim tray to sift the left overs after the trim. I personally love to trim bud by hand.


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