The Best 4×8 Grow Tent

We looked at and reviewed multiple tents to find the best 4×8 grow tent.

All of the tents range from a lower priced model to more expensive.

The tents we selected are made from quality all metal frames.

We made sure not to include any tents with plastic corner connectors like the lower quality models out there.

This gave us the confidence to hang up our grow lights and air filtration.

Some grow tents out there were not worth it for what is offered and was very hard to find the ones we reviewed.

If you know you need a 4×8 tent and want to know the top ones Right Now! 

We recommend:

Gorilla 4×8 Grow tent

Opulent 4×8 Grow tent

Now let’s get into the reviews,

Best 4×8 Grow Tents

Gorilla Grow Tent 4×8

best 4x8 grow tent


  • 4’x8’x6’11”
  • 1680D Fabric

The Gorilla Grow Tent 4×8 is the “Rolls Royce” of grow tents.

Gorilla Tents are more expensive than most brands out there right now.

As the saying goes you get what you pay for is true with the 4×8 grow tent by Gorilla.

“Grow strong.” The brands message is backed up by the strong, thick and durable 1680D fabric and the frame can hold up to 300 pounds!

Made with care and quality so they last a long time.

The tent has 2 doors in the front like other grow tents out there.

What makes this tent stand out is that the Gorilla tent has 2 doors in the back. Perfect for tending to your plants from 2 good angles.

You also cannot go wrong with an adjustable roof that can add an extra 12inches to the top of the tent.

 The poles on the gorilla tent are 22mm in diameter. It’s strong enough to support two grow lights and ventilation.

There is also no need to worry about infrared light getting in when the plants are sleeping.

The tent has a “special “IR blocking roof material.

What we like about the gorilla 4×8 grow tent is that is an all-round solid grow tent.

Which is super durable and should last a long time.

If you are not on a budget and are looking for one of the top grow tents out there then check out a gorilla 4×8 grow tent today.

VIPARSPECTRA 4×8 grow tent


  • 4’x8’x6’6”
  • 600D Fabric

The Viparspectra 4×8 grow tent is a great to get when on a budget.

With a sturdy frame that can hold up to 110 pounds and comes with solid metal corner attachments.

Unlike other on the market with plastic corners for the same price.

The fabric for the tent is at 600D thickness.

This can make the tent a little cooler than the thicker models out there. 

With only two doors on the tent it can make it difficult to reach around the plants to tend to them.

Depending on your grow methods like using a scrog net or DWC.

The Viparsprectra has plenty of ventilation.

With vents that have 8 on the bottom and 6 on the top ranging from various sizes of 3 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch sizes.

The Viparspectra brand is known for is their LED grow lights, they are now complimenting the line with grow tents for their lights.

What we like with the Viparspectra is the great customer service if you have any issue the will try and replace it.

Also if you’re on a budget you may want to consider checking this grow tent out.

Cool grow 4×8 grow tent


  • 4’x8’x6’6”
  • 600D Fabric

The Cool grow 4×8 grow tent has double doors for easy access. Unlike other tents out there the doors are at the front and the back.

This will let you tend to your plants on both sides of your tent.

If you need to cool down your tent or to control the smell you have plenty of vents.

With lower floor screens to help with airflow.

There are some vents holes for cords, and two 9 inch ones and four 11 inch vents perfect for a carbon filter and fan.

A cool bonus is you also get a removable floor for easy cleaning and to control any spills to one area.

The Cool grow tent has the regular 600D vinyl tent with the reflective coating. The zipper were nice a sturdy.

This grow tent has a metal frame but one thing we didn’t like about the Cool grow is we were uncertain how much weight the tent could hold.

With having two grow light a carbon filter and fan combo the weight adds up.

We decided to just have the grow lights in the tent with the filter and fan on the outside and cycling the air out.

Other than that the tent is a decent buy for the money.

Vivosun 4×8 Grow tent


  • 4’x8’x6’6”
  • 600D Fabric

The Vivosun 4×8 grow tent can make one tent into two.

When you’re looking to divide your grow, this Vivosun can help with their unique divider in the middle of the tent.

The divider is another door that can unzip for access and to open up the tent inside more if you desire.

You can also access your plants thru the doors in the front and back of the tent.

 The doors are sealed with a solid zipper.

The Vivosun tent is made with a tear proof 600D vinyl with reflective coated to a whopping 98% value.

Easy to assemble and take down if needed. We found this tent is pretty good for the cost.

Multiple vents on this tent to give you good airflow when need.

Depending on where you can put your ducting gives you multiple option and sizes.

Bonus’s you get are floor tray and also a mesh tool organizer to keep your grow glasses and trimmers and such.

Opulent 4×8 Grow tent


  • 4’x8’x6’6”
  • 600D Fabric

The Opulent 4×8 grow tent is a strong and stable tent that can support up to 110 pounds.

Made with solid metal poles and corner attachment pieces.

One cool thing about the doors is that the front doors open all the way to the back of the tent.

This also gives access to the sides of the tent to open it WIDE. You can also access your plants from the back with two extra doors.

This is the tent to get if you want access to your plants and have the space to do so.

Easy to setup and install, it’s best to use at least two people to set up the tent.

Using one person may take a little longer but it is possible.

With the Opulent grow tent the air vents are on the top of the tent with the lower vents are more for cords.

The only lower air vents are screened square vent on the bottom surrounding the tent.

It also comes with extras like tool organizer and floor tray and some straps.

We found this tent was easy to setup and is pretty solid with the amount of weight it could support.

This gave us confidence is using our $$ expensive led grow lights.

Final Thoughts

We tested out several brands of grow tents.

The ones that were reviewed are the best 4×8 grow tents out there right now.

With all grow tents, there are the issues with pin holes and some stitching along the zippers and seams.

We found with these grow tents the issues were minimal.

The best tent if you have more money to spend would be the Gorilla 4×8 grow Tent.

We found it was a great tent all around and lasted a long time.

What we liked is the thick material and how strong the tent is.

The Gorilla tent was also able to maintain a good temp when growing in a colder environment.

When you’re on a budget and not willing to spend the big bucks we understand.

The best tent would be the Opulent 4×8 grow tent.

It can hold a good amount of weight, and the ease of access with the doors is really cool.

What grow tent do you use, and how was your experience with them

Let me know in the comments

Keep growing my friends

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