The Best Heater for the Grow Room or Grow Tent!

When the seasons start to change, and fall becomes winter.

Depending on where you live when growing cannabis indoors you may need a heater for your grow room or grow tent.

A space heater can be the cheapest way to heat a grow room.

If you have been looking around it can be a little confusing on which heater would be good for the size of your room or tent.

Also there different types out there, from ceramic to oil filled and even infrared (not recommended)

In, this review, it will cover all you need to know when picking out the right space heater and answer most of your questions.

Best grow tent heaters

These are the top picks for the heater that could be used for grow tents.

Remember it’s not good to put a heater in the tent, but if you have to make sure you have a temperature control gauge these heaters only have a dial system.

Lasko Ceramic heater


  • Quiet
  • 3 fan settings
  • 300 sq. ft.

The Lasko ceramic heater has adjustable temperature control s which comes with a fan that has a three-speed settings and no fan option as well.

1500 watts on high speed will heat up a small room or tent in no time flat.

The Lasko ceraminc heater also a a safety fall feature in case it gets tipped over.

Do not exceed 300 sq ft


  • Heat up quick
  • Can maintain steady heat in small rooms
  • Auto shut off safety feature
  • Easy dials
  • Small 


  • Can be a little noisy

Honeywell Uber Ceramic heater


  • Compact
  • 2 heat settings
  • 1500 watts

The Honeywell uber heater is one small unit but put out a lot of heat.

The heater has only two settings, and cool to touch.

There is also an adjustable thermostat, and a tip over safety feature which automatically turns the heater off.

This heater will work good for shorter periods of time and small spaces.


  • Great for small rooms
  • Basic space heater
  • Cool on outside
  • Inexpensive


  • Just two settings
  • Cannot run for long duration

Vornado MVH Votex Heater


  • Auto thermostat
  • 3 heat settings
  • max 1500 watts

The Vornado MVH is one of those heaters that can heat a small room quickly.

This heater has three different power settings to regulate heat output 750W, 1125W, 1500W.

Auto shut off if tipped over.

 What’s neat about the Vornado is it’s cool to touch and circulate the air in a vortex circle which moves the heat against walls to create a constant temperature.

Not recommended for this heater to be used in a small grow tent but it’s great for heating a small room 10×10.


  • Quick to heat
  • Regulate wattage used
  • Circulates the air efficiently
  • Easy dials


  • Just two settings

Amazon Basic 500 watt ceramic heater


  • Compact
  • 1 heat settings
  • max 500 watts

The Amazon Basic 500 watt ceramic heater is perfect for your 5×5 or smaller grow tent. 

The small space heater has a auto shutoff safety feature for when is falls over.

It only has one setting and that is on. Which means you will have to shut off the heater manually. 

I have used this heater in a 4×4 grow tent with a temperature gauge that controls the temperature in the tent and the shuts off the heater when it gets to hot.

I found this heater to do a great job when combined to try ans get the perfect temperature.


  • Tiny perfect for small tents
  • Auto shut off when tipped
  • low watts


  • Only one setting
  • cannot heat large tent 

Inkbird Digital Temperature Controller


  • Support °C/°F display
  • Hot and cold systems

The Inkbird Digital Temperature controller is perfect for controlling the heat in your grow tent.

I have used this device to set the temperature for highs and lows of the temperature.

The Inkbird controller turns my heater off automatically when it gets to hot.

My cannabis plants love this digital controller.  

Best Grow Room heaters

Here are a couple of the top heaters from the grow room.

These should keep an area warm 24/7 if need be, for rooms bigger than 10×10 up to 15X20 square feet.

Note : These will work in smaller rooms.

DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Heater


  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 3 heat settings
  • max 1500 watts

The DeLonghi oil filled radiator has many key features such as a digital display and temperature setting controls.

Which make it perfect to set the temperature and forget about it.

This heater is ideal for large rooms when constant heat required.

There is a 24-hour timer, so there is no need for additional timer plugged into the radiator.

The Delonghi rad heater is a beast, you never need to refill the oil, and it comes with its own antifreeze to stop the pipe form freeze.

I Hope It’s not that cold in your grow room.


  • Specific temperature setting
  • 24-hour timer
  • Big or small rooms
  • Long Time Running


  • If power interruption settings are wiped
  • Slow to heat up

DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Heater


  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 3 heat settings
  • max 1500 watts

The DeLonghi EW7707CM Safeheat is a more basic oil filled heater; it boasts 1500 watts for the wall.

There are a thermostat dial and three different setting to for your type of heat you would like. Also comes with auto shut off.

The EW7707CM can be a solid choice on a budget looking to heat a medium to large room for coast heat.


  • Great if on a budget
  • Heats room bigger than 10 x 10
  • Temperature dial easy to use
  • 3 type of temp settings


  • No specific temp setting
  • No timer

Benefits of a heater for the grow room or tent

  • Great for heating your room when the temperature fluctuates too much.
  • Perfect for maintaining a constant temperature when using LED in the grow room or tent around 80-85 degree Fahrenheit.
  • If you have no heat coming into room
  • Lights are not making the room hot enough
  • No heat vents in winter if you have a closed room and in a northern climate
  • Your grow room is in in a separate building with no furnace.

What to look for in a heater

Size of room: Make sure it will fit your needs, most heaters out there will do the job to heat you grow room or tent.

Power use how many watts this is something to consider because heaters do run some power up to 1500 watts or higher.

Digital-specific temperature settings this is a nice feature, so there’s no guessing and trying different parts of a dial

Auto turn off is also excellent when getting too hot it turns itself off

Set the time to turn off this is pretty cool. Then there’s no need to have extra timers.

What type of heat is provided, such as a fan to circulate air or stationary heat like oil filled.

Safety features what do they offer cool to touch, auto shutoff for overheating or. tipped over

What are the things you should look out for when using a heater?

These are the most important things to consider when using a heater.

Humidity, a heater can strip it all away real quick

The Orange glow from different heaters, check it out before using make sure if it does glow orange to use it only when lights are on.

Power usage, remember to compensate for additional power, so you don’t blow your circuits.


Different types of heaters

There are many different types of heaters out there you can use I will focus on two of the most popular.

The differences are just how they provide the heat and the element the heaters use.

Ceramic heater uses a ceramic heat stone usually with a fan feature as well. These can be used in small rooms

Oil filled are filled with oil they take a while to heat up but can provide a constant form of heat to the room.

Recommended for medium to large rooms

Grow Tip: Make sure you use some black tape to cover the lights on the heaters. It will ensure your plants do not start to hermaphrodite out.

Common questions about heaters and growing 

What kind of heater should I use in a grow room?

The kind of heaters will depend on your size of a room and how long you intend on running it for.

Such as all day or at specific times for example when there is temperature swing in your environment that are too drastic for your plants to handle.

Most growers I know use the oil filled ones for rooms greater than 10 X 10 and even smaller at a lower settings.

They do have some ceramic ones out there but there not that good for bigger rooms.

Whats the best way to heat grow tent?

When using a grow tent the best way to heat it up is either inside the tent or to have the heater outside the tent depending on the size.

Recommended method is for tents smaller than 6 x 6.

For small grow tents it’s recommended to and warm the room around the tent.

Then use a fan to cycle air into the tent if you require more heat.

This will help to keep your plants from drying out. 

Depending on the size of grow tent you may be able to use it in the tent if you still have room for your cannabis plants. 

This could be done with sizes bigger than 10 x 10. Because it may be hard to heat the surrounding room the grow tent is in .

Keep in mind the amount of plants and distance from heater.

Just be cautious you don’t dry the plants out to much.

What do I do if my grow room is bigger than average or separate building for heat?

A bigger than average grow room can be tricky you can try and use a couple oil-filled space heaters in different parts of your grow space.

There are option for baseboard heaters you could place around the room to provide additional heat constant heat.

Or other the possibilities are a more industrial type such as the ones for garages or actual furnaces in a separate room for the place.

It all depends on the climate you live in, and also insulation helps out a lot if it’s different building.

Some time the bulbs themselves are enough to heat the growing space in a large area depending on climate

Final Thoughts

This review on heaters for the grow room or tent should give you a better understanding when looking for a proper heater.

Their many options out there these are just a couple.

When using a tent, it’s best to heat the room and cycle air in if need be you can use an oil filled or the ceramic type depending on the size of room your tent is in.

For medium, to a large room, a oil filled space heater should be good. 

Larger rooms you may require something a bit bigger than an oil filled heater.

Could try even use baseboard heaters this can be another option to try. Easy to set up too.

Have you had issue with cold temperatures in your grow room or tent?

How did you recover?

Let me know in the comments. 

Keep growing my friend.

24 thoughts on “The Best Heater for the Grow Room or Grow Tent!”

  1. Hi, thanks for this informative post, but I am not sure to understand this “When using a grow tent the best way to heat it up is to have the heater outside the tent and warm the room around it.”, why would that be ? Why not directly in the tent ?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    • Hi Billy,

      Great question, you can have a heater in a grow tent depending on the size,how many plants you have , space ect..If you have a smaller grow tent like 6×6 I recommend using a heater outside a tent because the heater can dry your plants out pretty quick if your not to careful in smaller areas. When using larger tent you will probably have to put a heater inside the tent depending on where the tent is located an the space surrounding it.

  2. What do you think about using those greenhouse tube heaters (comes in 3 sizes 45w, 80w and 135w) in a small grow tent?
    I would rather keep the heater in the tent as I do not want to heat up the room so much.

    • Hi Dan,

      I think they are a great idea , although I could not find any in north america. They seem very popular in the U.k. and Europe . I have added them to the post. Thanks for the tip.

  3. One thing none of these posts talk about is the need to maintain negative air pressure to keep out the smell. Would it be best to remove the fresh air ventilation “cold winter air” and allow it to draw warm air from the home. I’d think if you did this then you would need to add CO2 supplements. Any thoughts?

    • I have used a 4×4 with a heater outside the tent and drew the air into the tent. Plants grew great used no CO2 in coco. You could supplement with CO2 just have the fans turned off for a period of time.

  4. hi all , ive got 4 , 3×3 tents in a 21metre long x 8 metre wide unit but temps still low , could i use an indirect diesel powered space heater to heat room up without causing any damging smell to my produce ? and it would be vented straight out of the building , please help as my friend said my crop could smell of diesel? is this true ?

    • Not sure on the diesel smell or the type of heater, but I would user as a oil filled radiator style heater the you can plug in. to make sure there is now diesel gas smell to your herb.

  5. I’m using a delonghi 1200w oil filled inside a 5×5 grow tent. It’s allowed to turn on 15 minutes per hour during day hours and can run freely during night hours. Still balancing day and night temps and humidity before risking a good plants life in there. Currently one of my houseplants is taking the leap. I expect to be online in 36 hours

  6. Hi,

    I have a 4″ x 4″ tent and I am struggling to keep night time temp above 18 degrees c. The tent is in the garage and I have the same Vornado heater pointed at the tent. Could I put the Vornado heater in the tent for night time use? Temp is great when the light is on.


    • I have never hung a heater before, I always set it in the corner by the incoming air hole on the bottom on top of a piece of wood. I suppose it could work.

  7. I have a 10x10x8 tent. What would you recommend to heat the inside. Would like to put it inside with a temperature controller.


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